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LLC Good Governance: Top 4 Best Practices

As a business owner, you’re responsible for the proper governance of the LLC.  If a conflict arises and you are unable to control the outcome, you can ensure that the LLC presents clear evidence of its intent and purpose by practicing good governance. Read on to find out the top 4 steps to practicing good governance.

Benefits to Hiring a Lawyer for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs wear many hats, and it can be difficult to see from the inside when to ask for help. Set yourself up for success from the start by making sure you have the right attorney on your team. it’s never too late to bring an attorney on to round out your team. Read on to see how many areas the right attorney will touch in your business.

Personal Creditors CAN Collect Debts from Your LLC Member Interests

An LLC has a corporate veil that protects a company owner from being personally liable for the business’s debts. Even though an LLC is created to separate the business’s finances from the members’ finances, an individual member’s interest in the LLC could become subject to a court order to pay a creditor in certain circumstances. Read on to find out how and when your LLC member interest could be attached by a personal creditor.

LLC or S-Corp? Your Guide to Choosing the Right Corporate Structure

Should my company be an LLC or an S-Corp is a question I get asked several times a week. I then walk through a series of questions with my clients to help them understand the similarities and difference between the two, which helps determine whether they should be viewed as pros or cons based upon the business they want to start. Read on to learn more about the LLCs and S corps and what business owners should understand before choosing between the two.

Build Your Brand with Trademark Protection

When customers come to your business for your services or products, the first thing they do is interact with your brand. Your brand, which includes your business’s name, logo, color scheme, and visual personality, is like a handshake – it’s your first impression. You spent a lot of time (and money) investing in your business’s brand…read on to find out why it’s important to protect that investment.