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Chicago’s New Construction Code Begins Implementation

City Council today voted to adopt a major update to the Chicago Building Code that will better align the city’s construction requirements with up-to-date model codes and national standards. The new code represents the first comprehensive revisions to the building code in 70 years and will make construction in Chicago more affordable by expanding options to design and build with a wider range of materials and technologies. Read on to find out more and its impact on you.

Illinois Landlord’s Guide to Source of Income Discrimination

Landlords and property managers must be familiar with “fair housing” federal, state and local laws. These laws are an important way to protect home buyers and renters, they are not always obvious to landlords and property managers. Take a look at our guide to learn about one specific aspect of fair housing that is unique to Chicago and Cook County, Illinois: source of income discrimination.

Illinois “Rent to Own” Contract Law

There has been an increase in home buyers purchasing real estate under an installment contract also called “rent to own” contract or contract for deed, rather than using a traditional mortgage. Read on to learn about the new installment “rent to own” contract law in Illinois is designed to protect home buyers who finance a home purchase using an installment contract.