While a remote position you still need to be located in Chicago, IL for some face to face.



The Law Office of Alexis Hart McDowell, Ltd., whose branding is Enterprise Esquire, is a boutique, Christian-based, woman-owned, minority-owned law firm based in Chicago that works with clients on a virtual basis. Our stellar client service makes us very popular with referrals, real estate brokers and real estate investors. (All that to say I am solo firm with a virtual assistant who has did the damn thing and now needs serious help so I can stop turning away clients and have some sort of life.)

Our Values

We value INTEGRITY, SERVICE TO CLIENTS & COMMUNITY, the CLIENT EXPERIENCE & RELATIONSHIP and EXCEPTIONAL WORK PRODUCT over everything else. We have a passion for the law and truly care about our clients and it shows in our emails and phone calls. We are here to SERVE and we look for every opportunity to do so.

We are woman-owned and family-oriented. We value flexibility but RESPONSIVENESS to our clients (and the boss) is paramount (that means, respond to emails even if you are grocery shopping or at lunch).


We are looking for a Remote Real Estate Paralegal (as an independent contractor) to help push the firm to the next level by handling all real estate transactions and client communications. This person will be the first point of contact to our firm (never been done before) and will run point for all residential real estate transactions, including all file management and managing the email inbox.

We are looking for a person with the highest level of INTEGRITY and innate understanding of support and service (i.e., no ego tripping). You have to WANT to make the firm and boss look, not just good, but freaking AWESOME. You must genuinely care about people and providing the best possible outcome for them. Again, we are about service to others, that is the foundation of our firm and why people come back time and time again.

We are looking for an innovative and forward-thinker to create new processes, templates, etc. to streamline operations to make things run smoother and more effective. We need someone with great ideas, creative thinking, resourceful, a PROBLEM SOLVER, and desire to make an already great place astronomically great!

This person needs to be located in Chicago, IL as there will be some face-to-face meetings and duties (not a lot though). You will need to add value from day one! (that’s not too hard, right?)


  • Bachelor's Degree required; Paralegal certificate preferred (but not req’d)

  • Candidate with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in residential real estate (transactional) – purchases and sales; Commercial real estate is helpful but not required.

  • Must know, follow and keep up with Illinois real estate laws.

  • Be available to answer all phone calls and be knowledgeable to communicate with clients, attorneys, agents, and lenders on a daily basis.

  • Intake and monitor all clients and contracts & deadlines (will work with current virtual assistant)

  • Title review experience is helpful (but not req’d).

  • Be PROFICIENT in CLIO, Acuity, latest Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) and have Adobe Pro DC for document compilation. Candidate CANNOT HAVE continual computer problems.

  • Candidate must be highly organized to juggle many & changing clients/files/deadlines.

  • Candidate should be extremely motivated to grow with expanding firm, responsive, and hard working.

  • Superior interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills (while we aren’t doormats, we don’t pick fights and let a lot of stuff roll off our backs b/c we focus on our clients FIRST.)

  • Capable of handling confidential information discreetly and professionally

  • If interested, please forward resume and two references – MUST INCLUDED desired hourly rate.


  • Organize/Maintain

    • Overall management of documents, digital data and other information specific to the real estate legal department

    • Record, maintain and update important critical dates and maintain files

    • Monitor attorney emails and coordinate call and meeting schedules if necessary (Acuity)

  • Documentation Preparation:

    • Assist in drafting and reviewing certain real estate legal and corporate governance documents

    • Assist in preparing forms, contracts, leases, amendments, and closing documents

    • Review and prepare general correspondence, notices regarding contract or lease terminations or extensions

    • Review, request, and understand title commitments, recorded documents such as easement agreements, surveys and prepare initial title objection letter

    • Conduct public record searches of parties, including judgment, tax liens, and UCC filings

  • Real Estate Closings:

    • Assemble all costs and invoices to be paid through closing

    • Prepare a closing checklist, which includes outlining critical dates and the responsibilities of all parties

    • Coordinate closing with all parties in the transaction, including the buyer, sellers, title insurance company, opposing counsel, and where applicable, the lender

    • Prepare transfers/affidavits of transferees, and initial closing documents for lawyer's review

  • Other duties as I make stuff up or better yet, as you create stuff for yourself to do that makes the firm more incredible (after the boss approves it of course).

If interested, please forward resume and two references – MUST INCLUDED desired hourly rate.