Extended Bio

Alexis Hart McDowell, Esq.


I’m licensed and duly admitted to practice in Illinois. After graduating Cardozo Law School in New York, I entered the legal profession bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at a prestigious New York firm handling transactional (entertainment) and litigation matters. Six years later, after deciding I wanted a more enjoyable quality of life and that I loved love more than the ridiculous amount of money I was making, I moved back to my hometown of Chicago and married my awesome hubby a week later! (Don’t worry, I’m not that impulsive — we’d been dating long-distance for over five years.)

Making the law work for good – and you!

I began my Chicago career with a national non-profit that served lawyers—work that mattered and that also allowed me to pursue the life I wanted. That led to two kids, lots of travel, and time to consider what came next. My years of pro bono service opened the window and my eyes to the legal hurdles hampering other nonprofits, entrepreneurs and small business owners who wanted to build better lives, not only for themselves but for those around them. So I did what any sane person would do, and jumped! That’s right, I took a leap of faith (right out that open window) and started my own law firm helping those who need it most.

I’ve been privileged to represent small and mega nonprofits and corporations alike. I have worked on multi-million dollar commercial projects, handled residential real estate deals for NBA and NFL players, and helped the elderly from losing their homes to foreclosure.  But what you really want to know is that I represent small business owners just like you — rehabbers, flippers, community developers, contractors, home owners and investors — helping them get to closing and most importantly, get their money! I’m as budget-conscious as you are, which is why I want you to “Focus on Profits Not Paperwork.”

Mastering the game so you don’t have to!

I’ve been doing this work for 15+ years and counting and I’m good at it. (And more than that — I love it!) I’ve mastered the processes, documents, and contracts you need to make Illinois real estate projects and transactions go off without a hitch. I study the laws and regulations like they hold the secrets to a happy life, because for me they really do.

While my passion for this work drives me to work around the clock (I was caught reading up on mechanic’s liens in between sets at the gym), I do love going on family trips, girlfriend trips, weekend getaways and walking in general (see where I’m headed here?) and braving the big wide-open blue as a certified open water diver.