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How to Choose a Guardian for Yourself

Every day we make hundreds of decisions from what to eat for breakfast to where we go on vacation.  But, what will happen if you can’t make decisions for yourself?  Before that time comes, there is one important decision you need to make. Who do you want to serve as your guardian? Read on to learn about the type of person that should make decisions for you when you can’t make them for yourself.

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Benefit from Flat Fee & Packaged Legal Services

You CAN afford an attorney! We are here to help you Focus on Profits not Paperwork, that’s why we offer flat fee and packaged legal services as well as an hourly rate. We have something for every entrepreneuer, start-up, financial situation and stage of business. At Enterprise Esquire, we have a variety of packages and custom payment plans that meet our clients where they are.

5 Reasons to Refer Your Clients, Friends, or Family To Enterprise Esquire - The Law Office of Alexis Hart McDowell

When you give a referral to the people you trust the most, you are telling them, “here’s somebody I think can help.” You are looking for someone to understand their situation and help to make it better. That’s why when you hire Alexis Hart McDowell, Esq., you aren’t just paying someone to perform a service. You are entrusting your livelihood, and your future, with a professional whose sole desire is to help make the situation better and the burden lighter.